King V. King V. King

Books always touch my soul, my essence, and the leave their mark there. It’s a privilege, I think, for an author to have touched so many people’s souls, to have made their beautiful pieces, to put such words together in ways that so many people take so many different things away from them.


Funday-Monday Eternal Something, Something

There are times when you watch something, and it doesn’t really come together in the end, where a plot line gets dropped and never picked back up, or where the movie is too pretentious, or even acts as if it’s smarter than you, when it really isn’t.

How Going Back to Childhood Favorites is Helpful

This will date me kind of heavily, but when I was a kid my two favorite movies were The Princess Bride and The Labyrinth. In fact, I figured out how to use the VCR before I could read so that I could rewind and rewatch them again and again. When watching as an adult, andContinue reading “How Going Back to Childhood Favorites is Helpful”

Oona Out of Order in Order

Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore is a delicious slice of time-travel. I would describe the novel as a character study, a book that is focused on family relationships, but also a book that asks the question: what if we didn’t know what age we’d be next? I was looking for something different, andContinue reading “Oona Out of Order in Order”

Musings About Searches

Does incognito mode do anything? Question for another day, I suppose. I know enough about tech to know that a search is never truly hidden. I don’t do enough weird stuff to really worry about it. At the same time, what would the neighbors think if they saw my search history broadcasted? Wouldn’t that be a weird world?

Meditations on House of Leaves

The made-up documentary is about a house that is bigger on the inside than the outside. As Johnny goes through the process of putting the papers together, kind of exercising of Zapano’s final wishes in some way, he starts to either go insane, or become haunted by the thing that killed Zapano.